How-To Guides for Using Our Online Grading and Classroom Tools

Hi everyone!  We know that using some of our digital tools can be intimidating.  Given our remote status, it's more important than ever we be able to communicate well with parents and students in order to achieve the success we're all working towards.  In order to help reach that goal, we've created a few guides that will help you navigate some of our tools and use them to their fullest extent to help find the information you need as well as understand what teachers might mean when they describe some of our tools in conferences.

1. Infinite Campus: How do I check my student's grades?  What are Google Summaries?  How do I check which Group my student is in?


2. Google Meets: How do I locate the link for joining a Google meet?  How can I get in when it gives me an error?


3. Google Classroom: Where can I find my student's assignments and know if they're missing?  How do I turn assignments in online?

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