Spectator Expectations

 Spectator Expectations

Aurora Hills Middle School is an educational environment that provides instructional and extracurricular opportunities for the students and community. Some of these activities include our after-school programs. It is the desire of Aurora Hills to have a safe, positive experience for all students / families attending these after- school programs. As a result, certain expectations have been set forth for the benefit of everyone involved.

  1. Students are to have parental permission to attend events
  2. Parents will prearrange transportation and communication related to any event
  3. Students are to remain at the event from the beginning until the parent arrives or the event is over
  4. Parents are asked to pick up their child promptly after the event
  5. If parents choose to attend the events with their child, they will be expected to model behavior that supports a positive, safe experience
  6. If concerns arise during any event, parents are expected to appropriately address those concerns only with supervising adults or building administration
  7. At NO time are parents to confront other students before, during or after an event about issues or concerns at Aurora Hills Middle School or any other school site where our events occur. If this behavior is seen, the parent, and their child (ren) will be banned from future events of this nature.
  8. Any student wishing to attend sports’ events after school must have their school issued I.D. and school shirt to be admitted.

During school events, supervision of the event is provided by the school, and students or their parents may communicate with staff members positive aspects of the event or share concerns. At the same time, supervisory staff is expected to address any inappropriate behavior for which they are aware, and can ask, if necessary, those involved in such behavior to leave the activity.






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