Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We are an International Baccalaureate World school where staff are working in partnership with students to ensure the learning experience is integrated and personalized. Every student accelerates their learning and understands their connection to the local and global community.

Our Mission

Inspire, Ensure, Achieve

Our Purpose

Aurora Hills strategically and relentlessly ignites learners to develop the knowledge and skills to responsibly lead the Aurora Hills community to think globally and act locally.

Our Priorities

High Quality Instruction: Attend to grade-level prioritized standards through daily, student-owned learning targets aligned to a proficiency scale.

Data Systems and Structures: Teachers will collaborate weekly to analyze formative data to identify purposeful groups that address unfinished learning for flex time.

Culture and Climate: Clear systems and expectations for daily procedures, behavior, and attendance are established and will be consistently implemented to ensure a culture that supports high expectations.


District Notices

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