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Link to Key Concepts

 These are sixteen concepts across all eight subject areas which bring depth to our understanding.

 Aesthetics, Change, Communication, Communities, Connections, Creativity, Culture, Development, Form, Global interactions, Identity, Logic, Perspective, Relationships, Time, place and space, and Systems

Gateway and Aurora Hills Quarterly Key Concepts

 1st: Communities

2nd: Perspective

3rd: Connections

4th: Change

Link to Global Concepts

Global Contexts

 These are the lenses we use to view our content and subjects.
 We see what's happening in the world today in a number of ways. These contexts help us see the world in ways that bring us all together.
 Each unit we use must have a global context. It connects the world to what our students are learning. Without it, our students learn in isolation from the real world.  From science to art to physical education, the global context, frames the significance of what you are teaching your students. This taps into background knowledge, ignites personal interests, and sharpens the vision of why we are learning what we are learning.
There are no requirements for how many contexts you must use, be sure however, to use them.
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Approaches to Learning - AVID SKILLS

 As we prepare for college, there is more to our success than just what we know. It is also important to know HOW to do things. With the help of IB's approaches to learning (ATL) skill clusters and the AVID framework, we focus on the practical everyday skills and tools which help us keep it all together. On the left, the graphic highlights the main components of AVID.

 The two programs, AVID and MYP, complement one another as we teach our students through deliberate instruction and embedded practice of skills needed to be successful in the world. As we plan our units, be sure to focus on the appropriate skill needed for the student to be successful in that unit AND how to use that same skill in their world outside of school. You can find these skills in you MYP subject guides and supportive AVID documents.



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