Positive Behavior Intervention Support

This year we are pleased to announce that Aurora Hills Middle School is once again participating in the PBIS program.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support. PBIS is a school wide system for supporting student behavior by noticing and recognizing positive student behavior in an effort to increase the positive behavior in all students. Aurora Hills recognizes positive behavior through five core values symbolized in Mustang LEADership. This year those 4 core values for LEADership stand for:

L- Learners

E- Engaged

A- Accountable

D- Driven

These are the behaviors that Aurora Hills Middle School students strive to show every day. Students displaying Mustang LEADership have an opportunity to earn electronic LEAD tickets. Mustang LEAD tickets are used to recognize students when they are exhibiting LEADership behaviors both in and outside of the classroom. Students can use these tickets to buy items from the school store or to be entered into weekly incentive giveaways for prizes such as gift cards, tablets, headphones, school gear, or even a T.V. So don’t be surprised if your child comes home with some prizes.

It is our hope that the PBIS Program will contribute to increase our students’ positive behaviors and help them to show off their Mustang LEADership both in school and in the community.

"Staff and students acknowledge positive behaviors in each other, creating a safe and welcoming environment in which everyone feels like they are an integral part of the Aurora Hills Middle School community. A positive school culture and climate is necessary in order for every student to accelerate their learning and for staff to eliminate the barriers to achievement. "


We are taking Donations in support of our PBIS program.  If you would like to donate to support our store and our incentive giveaways please use this link to our Amazon wishlist.  Items bought from the list will be shipped directly to the school.  Thank you.





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