Student Information

Below is a summary of the most common elements needed from the handbook.  For the full handbook, please see this link: Student Handbook


In order for a student to be marked as present, the student must be logged in to the class or physically present in the building.  This can be measured in one of a few different ways: 

  • Student login into educational platforms utilized by APS, verified and posted by the teacher
  • Attendance or viewing of online meetings (including but not limited to Zoom or Google meetings)
  • Completion of lessons, submissions of assignments, and/or grading of student content
  • Participation in Google Classroom activities
  • Online assessments accessed through student accounts
  • Communicating directly with a teacher within an approved system or application 


At this time, students should already have all materials they need. All other material needs will be communicated by the individual class. Each school day, a student will need to have:

  • A school assigned chromebook
  • Math book
  • A pencil and notebook. 
  • 6th grade students will also need to bring their literacy packets. 


Aurora Hills Middle School strives to maintain an environment that is safe for all students and is conducive to learning.  In order to enhance the learning environment, Aurora Hills has established a dress code.  The school shirts display the IB MYP (International Baccalaureate/Middle Years Program) logo. Aurora Hills attire is an outward indication of the student’s desire for success.  All students will dress in proper attire while on campus or attending field trips. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code.


  • Official Aurora Hills Middle School polo shirt (w/ the IB logo stamped on the front of shirt). Official AHMS shirts will be sold at the main office for a cost of $12.00 per shirt. Purple shirts with the IB Learner Profile and Logo can be purchased for $14.00. Every Thursday will be College Knowledge Days:  students will be allowed to wear college t-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies in lieu of the uniform shirt.  Extra-curricular t-shirts for music, athletics, Gateway High School or different school clubs can be worn on Fridays, our Spirit Days. Any alteration to the schedule must be approved by Administration.
  • A shirt or pullover may be worn under the school shirt, but the school shirt is the outermost garment to be worn for the student to be considered in dress code.
  • No modifications may be made to the school shirt (example: cutting, tearing, writing, knotting or banding of shirt bottom, etc).
  • Students found out of dress code will be required to wear school issued replacement shirt.  Students are responsible for returning the school-issued shirt at end of the day in the same condition it was received.  Damaged or missing issued shirts may result in a $5 fine. 


  • No overalls or pajamas are to be worn.
  • Sagging pants are not allowed.
  • Any pants with holes or cuts must have an underlay such as tights or leggings or shorts when holes/cuts appear in the thigh area or above.
  • Follow District Guidelines as outlined in the Safe Schools Policy.
  • Length (including slits) must be a minimum of finger length with arms hanging at sides.


Outside layer must be an official AHMS shirt or an AHMS hoodie while inside the building.

  • Students may wear jackets and/or sweat shirts outside at lunch as conditions warrant.
  • No jackets or sweatshirts (except AHMS sweatshirts) worn inside building.
  • No vulgar symbols (to include drug, paraphernalia or alcohol), dangling belts, chains, gang related attire (bandanas), gloves, sagging, hats/head coverings, picks worn in the hair (metal picks are not allowed at school), slides, slippers, house shoes, or flip-flops.
  • No two or more people dressing alike for the purpose of intimidation or gang affiliation.
  • All clothing needs to be size-appropriate. 

Aurora Hills’ administration reserves the right to determine if any clothing is inappropriate and change the dress code as deemed necessary as directed by the Safe Schools Handbook.  For example:  Any clothing that is too large or too small or too revealing of undergarments and/or body parts, etc. 


Middle and high school students are required to wear a school issued photo identification at all times while on district property during school hours APS Code: ECABA. Each student is furnished a lanyard and ID by Aurora Hills Middle School.  Aurora Hills or APS District staff may ask students to show their identification at any time.  Student ID’s are required to check out media materials, ride the school bus, for admission to athletic events or other school events, etc.  Replacement ID’s are available for $5.00 per replacement ID and $2.00 per replacement lanyard.


Parents, please ensure that your students meet dress code standards each day before sending them to school to help us keep a safe and positive learning environment for them and their classmates. 


Uniform sales will begin this Monday, September 21st. Mustang Pride Store will be set up outside at the main entrance and be open Monday-Friday 8:00-12am and will be open from 3pm to 6pm on October 7th.  Cash/Credit Cards and Checks accepted.  Social distancing and mandatory mask rules apply.  Additional times will be added in the coming weeks. Polo Shirts: $12  Purple Polo: $14  Pull Over Hoodie $30  Zip Up Hoodie: $35 Masks: $5


Students should login to their classes via Google Classroom.  Students will then locate and open the class in session from the list of available classes and click on the Google Meets link at the top of that page.  If the student receives an error stating they do not have permission to create a meeting, please check the time and class as it may be too early or too late to join that class.  If the time and class are correct, please email the teacher to begin a troubleshooting process.  If you haven't yet received your login information or have forgotten the password, please contact the front desk, the student's teachers, or the building's tech person at any time.  

District Notices

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