Positive Behavior Intervention Support

This year we are pleased to announce that Aurora Hills Middle School is a PBiS school for the 4th year. PBiS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support. PBiS is a school wide system for supporting student behavior by noticing and recognizing positive student behavior in an effort to increase the positive behavior in all students. Aurora Hills recognizes positive behavior through five core values symbolized in Mustang PRIDE. This year those 5 core values for PRIDE stand for:

P – principled

R – reflective

I – inquirers

D – determined

E – excellence

These are the behaviors that Aurora Hills Middle School students strive to show every day. Students displaying Mustang PRIDE have an opportunity to earn PRIDE tickets. Mustang PRIDE tickets are used to recognize students when they are exhibiting PRIDE behaviors both in and outside of the classroom. Students can use these tickets to buy items from the school store including sports merchandise, mp3 players and many other items. In addition, these tickets can be used to win prizes at our PBiS assemblies. So don’t be surprised if your child comes home with some prizes from the school store.

This year Aurora Hills has teamed with McDonalds and 7-Eleven to better support our students’ behavior in the community. Both McDonalds and 7-Eleven are giving out Mustang PRIDE tickets to students when they are in their stores exhibiting the desired PRIDE behaviors. Businesses wishing to participate in our PBS program or donate items to the school store please contact the Aurora Hills PBiS coordinator, Mr. Emilsson.

In addition to the PBiS program, this year at Aurora Hills students will be participating in Mustang Mondays. Mustang Mondays are designed to teach social skills and character development. Students will also participate in “No Place for Hate” a curriculum designed by the Anti-Defamation League to promote diversity and reduce racism among students.

It is our hope that the PBiS Program and our Mustang Mondays will contribute to increasing our students’ positive behaviors and help them to show off their Mustang PRIDE both in school and in the community.