Welcome to the Ahills Community Remote Learning Home Page. We understand that this is a new and interesting way to be engaged with your school community.  We hope that what you find on these pages will help you to navigate our new learning environment with ease.  


Aurora Hills Middle School Community,


We have developed a plan for students to pick up locker items(Academic and PE) and drop off items that belong to Aurora Hills. As much as we’d like to welcome our community back through the front doors of Aurora Hills at this time, students and parents/guardians will not be allowed in the building. In an effort to limit interactions and to comply with current guidelines, we’re asking that people remain in their vehicles and follow the process and guidelines outlined below for curbside pickup of belongings.


We’re asking that everyone adhere to the following drop-off/pick-up times so the process runs smoothly. Unfortunately, we are only allowed limited staff for this process, so your cooperation and patience is sincerely appreciated.


8th grade students planning on attending high schools in Aurora Public Schools will keep their technology over the summer. All students not returning to Aurora Public Schools or Aurora Hills Middle School will return their technology devices during this process. 




Thursday, May 21

Students with last names A - Ca  8:00am - 10:00am

Students with last names Ce - Ga  11:00am - 1:00 pm

Students with last names Ge-Le R 2:00 pm - 4:00pm


Friday, May 22

Students with last names Li - Ne  8:00am - 10:00am

Students with last names  Ng- Sh 11:00am - 1:00 pm

Students with last names Si- Z  2:00 pm - 4:00pm

Before Drop-Off/Pick-Up

  • Stay in your vehicle throughout the entirety of the pick-up/drop-up process.
  • All students who need to retrieve locker items and/or drop off technology devices
  • Only parents/guardians or students will be permitted to drop-off/pick-up items.
  • Parents/guardians or students must bring identification (student ID or parent/guardian ID)
  • Wear masks to school site and limit the number of people who come to drop-off/pick-up items.
  • If you are not returning to an APS school please have any items (Chromebook, Musical Instrument, etc.) that you are returning ready to hand off to staff. Any non-returned item will remain on the student account.


*Make up dates for those families who miss the designated pickup dates will be communicated in the near future. Please note that makeups may not occur until late July. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue with this process. 

*Students may only pick up items from their assigned locker. If students have items in another student’s lockers, arrangements will need to be made with that student. The school will not be responsible for item transfer between students.


All of your teachers have created a Google Classroom specifically designed to support our remote learning. From Clever, you can click on Google Classroom and then join class. Use the class codes provided below to join the classes for each of your teachers. All teachers will be in their digital classrooms from 9-10 and 12-2 daily.  You can find the link to the Google Meet in each classroom as well as any classwork that is being provided.



Thank you for supporting your students in this very challenging time! Students can access their teachers insider the Google Classrooms listed above. Each student should be expected to work in Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies 30 min per day as well as 30 min of independent reading.  Many teachers will be posting additional classwork to help students find an engaging pathway to continue their learning. 

As we have transitioned to remote learning we do not have staff monitoring the phones at school.  Please use this contact form to connect with staff in the way that is the most effective and efficient.  You can use this form to ask questions, get support, share a celebration, or connect with a specific staff member.  Thank you again for your support and flexibility as we come together, while apart, to support every student in our community.








Please Remember that the time from 9-10 and 12-2 is for student teacher contact.  Parents, if you would like to speak with your students' teachers they are available everyday from 2-4.  Simply email them to set up a meeting during that time frame.