If you want to connect with a counselor during this time - please fill out the form at this link.


All of your teachers have created a Google Classroom specifically designed to support our remote learning. From Clever, you can click on Google Classroom and then join class. Use the class codes provided below to join the classes for each of your teachers. All teachers will be in their digital classrooms from 9-10 and 12-2 daily and are excited to see you.  You can find the link to the Google Meet in each classroom as well as any classwork that is being provided.

All access will to teachers will be through Google Classroom. To access classwork in Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies you will use Edgenuity. You can get to Edgenuity by logging into Clever and clicking on the Edgenuity button under remote learning.

All plus and elective classwork will be posted in Google Classroom.


Google Classroom Codes
TEAM   Teacher Class Code    
ELA Coleman pgu7gfa    
SS Emerson q57jooa    
Math Reid kn4bb6p    
Science Alexander lr5d2md    
ELA Moreno k6ennvk    
SS Darland hqlrk6x    
Math Moser 2n5mfu4    
Science Spikes semxpsh    
CR ELA SPED Kindred nrnk5ux    
CR Math SPED Meyer 4yxo7tj    
Team FTE Teacher Class Code    
ELA Rohret-Navin qjc5crn    
ELA Holmberg ojr3b7m    
Math Parkhurst 3gzlsuy    
Math McReynolds d3lmozc    
SS Dean 2rzs3s2    
Science Dixon kdk4hte    
CR Math   Rhonda zi5hsm7    
CR ELA   Galloway kzp6syw    
Team FTE   Class Code
Class Code
ELA Barson t2lqs23 c4wh5qu  
ELA Olsen 6rfwkmr j67lsok  
Math Boyle agak56z htjwbma  
Math Dsouza fg2ye3r ulpnwfw  
SS Trujillo gljiewv 7p4zfxg  
Science Jones vaadpmg nlmn656  
Team FTE   Class Code    
ELA Hamilton xwl6was    
ELA Von Feldt 7mk3z53    
Math Hagerman 7dvhz5m    
Math Vervynck fhob6tn    
SS Nieves ptr3iay    
Science Lamendola g6lj2ul    
CR ELA   Carr c2mrqil    
CR Math   Chastain sz3imo4    
Team FTE   Class Code
Class Code
Class Code
AVID Calderon te7z3nb jrocfmf wtjqznj
WL Issac 4hnv3v4 q25vcnm ktn6k45
6A – pp3zf7n 3A – vaaktmd 4A – uw3bl2x
7A- p2yelip 3B – l6aewqt 5A – lwxcbw2
6B – ymzasxt 5B – bx75ds4 4B – ldiavpi
7B – fymkeen    
PE/HE Hoff e4k7jdy g42hp2x tft6tzq
ELD Wesdyk lq52fr6 lq52fr6 lq52fr6
ELD Drozdova kkjausu kkjausu kkjausu
ELD Wilcox   o4i7el4 o4i7el4
Team FTE   Class Code
Class Code
Class Code

Choir Theisen tqfxpeb 3n3djf4 glr3kdj
Band Brotherston pnm2w3o pnm2w3o pnm2w3o
STEM Nicholas qrdbwst 2z33mpb nuygtsc
Vis Art Lotspiech z2pcnoa z2pcnoa z2pcnoa
Comp Tech Moss 7x44gbz 5wppnr6 enijqzv
PE Guerrero dks7toj rieflwi fuguvuj
Life&Car Counselor      
Team FTE   Class Code
Class Code
Class Code
Student Support Services
Choices Baroch pnbyppr pnbyppr pnbyppr
Psych Moore   bwoq4si  
Speech and Language Main k5m4o75 m2zpfhu jhq4yj7
Mental Health Krauss mn5xtsy mn5xtsy mn5xtsy
Mental Health Martens   n2egwmg hy7puvi
DLC Riggs qrma7m2 qrma7m2 qrma7m2
Counseling Check In
If you want to connect with a counselor during this time – please fill out the form at this link.



Your Responsibilities
Use Your Computer For Instruction

Download and install Google Chrome on your home computer (Not needed if you checked out APS chromebook)

Video tutorial on syncing your Chrome account (NOTE: if using APS chromebook DO NOT use "Public Session" when you turn it on, but add yourself and sign on using your Google email address and password).

Use Clever To Access Everything

Go to Clever Portal now!

Video - How to sign in to Clever using your Google email and password

Help Sheets in Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Karen, Nepali, Oromo, Somali, Vietnamese

Join Your Teacher's Google Classroom

How to Join Your Teacher's Google Classroom

Google Classroom cheat sheet showing how to join your teacher's classroom and how classroom is set up.

Spend Time Learning Each Weekday

You will be assigned content within the online learning platform called Edgenuity. You can access this and other resources through the Clever portal. You teacher will also have a Google Classroom for you to receive announcements, get help, and support your learning.


Login And Get Started in Edgenuity

Tutorial Video on Logging Into Edgenuity

Help Sheet for Logging Into Edgenuity

Edgenuity Student Orientation Video

**Please note: Students in grades 6-8 will not receive grades in Infinite Campus for the duration of online learning. However, the grading function in Edgenuity will remain turned on to serve as an additional layer of feedback for students.

Read At Least 30 Minutes Daily

Read a book, website, or check out and read/listen to an eBook through the APS ebook and audiobook library Sora found in your Clever portal.

Click here for a helpsheet on getting started with Sora, or click here for video instructions

Connect With Your Teacher Daily

Your teacher will provide times during the day for you to chat and/or video with them using Google Hangouts or Google Meet. They will post the link to join in your Google Classroom.

How to use Hangouts and Meet - Google hangouts/meet etiquette

Video Tutorial on Setting Up and Using Hangouts

Support For English Language Learners

Supports for English language learners will be provided in coordination with remote learning opportunities. Please ensure that students continue to engage in oral language practice through the remote learning format and as well as engaging in practice at home (with parents, siblings and other family members). Encourage your student to share discussions they had with you and/or classmates, video they watched or ideas that were shared. This can spark further discussion at home which is beneficial for their English language development. Additionally, here are suggestions for online English language practice. These online resources for oral language practice can be accessed by students independently or alongside a parent or guardian.

Your Chrome browser has the Google Translate extension on it. Use it to translate almost all webpages! Watch this video to learn how.

Ask Your Teacher For Help

Email or use Google Hangouts to contact your teacher and ask for help.