If you want to connect with a counselor during this time - please fill out the form at this link.


All of your teachers have created a Google Classroom specifically designed to support our remote learning. From Clever, you can click on Google Classroom and your classrooms will be showing up in within the next week.  You can find the link to the Google Meet in each classroom as well as any classwork that is being provided.

All access to teachers will be through Google Classroom. See below for more information about your schedule and daily expectations.


Counseling Check In
If you want to connect with a counselor during this time – please fill out the form at this link.
Technology Troubleshooting
If you need help with tech issues – please fill out the form at this link.


Your Responsibilities
Use Your Computer For Instruction

Download and install Google Chrome on your home computer (Not needed if you checked out APS chromebook)

Video tutorial on syncing your Chrome account (NOTE: if using APS chromebook DO NOT use "Public Session" when you turn it on, but add yourself and sign on using your Google email address and password).

Use Clever To Access Everything

Go to Clever Portal now!

Video - How to sign in to Clever using your Google email and password

Help Sheets in Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Karen, Nepali, Oromo, Somali, Vietnamese

Join Your Teacher's Google Classroom

How to Join Your Teacher's Google Classroom

Google Classroom cheat sheet showing how to join your teacher's classroom and how classroom is set up.


Student Schedule Information


First Day of School: Tuesday August 18th, 8:30 Mustang Morning via Google Classroom 





















Mustang Morning will be a virtual meeting everyday at 8:30 am and this will be the best resource for questions and information. Please prioritize this time every day.


You will be attending classes throughout the day. Your schedule in Infinite Campus will tell you what class you have each period however the times for the periods are not accurate in Infinite Campus. Please follow the schedule above for period times. 


All students are on a team. The team is defined by a letter and color: A Blue, A Orange, B Blue, B Orange. Your team can be found on your schedule in Infinite Campus. During remote learning:


All Blue students will be in Social Studies during 3rd period on Monday and Wednesday and Science on Tuesdays and Thursdays


All Orange Students will be in Science during 3rd period on Monday and Wednesday and Social Studies on Tuesday and Thursday


What to Expect:

Periods 1-3: Core classes. You will be expected to be online during these periods and attend class via a Google Meet


Periods 4-7: Elective, ELD, AcadBlck1, AcadBlck2

  • Electives meet online during the specified time Mon-Thurs
  • ELD meets online during specified time Mon-Thursday
  • AcadBlck1- During this time you are expected to complete 1 Dreambox lesson per day and 25 min of Literacy on iReady.
  • AcadBlck2-This will serve as office hours. Teachers will be available and may invite you to join for a small group at times


  • Meet in your Mustang Morning
  • The rest of the day you will be working to complete assignments that are posted in your Google Classrooms. Each class will post a specific assignment for Fridays


  • Will be taken each period
  • Based on attending virtual meetings and assignment completion
  • In the event you are unable to attend the virtual meeting, you may watch the recording and complete the assignment to be considered present.

We are very excited to get started and see you all soon! The most important thing is to know who your Mustang Morning teacher is. This can be found on your schedule in Infinite Campus. If you cannot determine who your Mustang Morning teacher is, please email your counselor:


Alex  6th and 7th Grade 

Corbin  7th and 8th Grade


Your Mustang Morning teacher will be your point of contact for the school year. We will spend time the first week helping you navigate your schedule.