Tardiness Alert


The first bell rings at 8:22am. Students are expected to be in their first period at 8:30am.  Students who arrive to class after 8:30 will be marked tardy.

Tardy Procedures

1st Tardy – student is given a warning

2nd Tardy – classroom teacher calls home

3rd Tardy – student is issued a consequence by classroom teacher

4th Tardy – Administration team is notified and student is issued an after school detention.

***Every tardy thereafter, an email will be sent to notify the Administration team for additional consequences.

Students must attend assigned detention. Contact school administration if unable to attend.

  • A “No Show” to detention is a Saturday School
  • Failure to attend detention or Saturday School will result in student being denied permission to participate in or attend any after school function, to include sports (practices/games), spectator activities, dances, band/orchestra/chorus activities, clubs, and Intramurals until either detention or Saturday school is served.