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June 2018
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Stars and Stripes Unfurl Over Aurora Hills

The Stars and Stripes will fly over Aurora Hills Middle School thanks to a group of students that has volunteered to honor the flag every day. These students will hoist the flag in the morning and retire it at the end of the day. Special care is taken with the flag that no part will ever touch the ground. The flag will then be folded thirteen times, each fold representing the 13 original colonies. When completely folded it will take on the shape of a tri-cornered hat, representing the hats worn by the colonial soldiers during the War of Independence. The Flag Team is an all volunteer force and they will receive community service credit for their involvement.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Mr. Steve Boyle, an Aurora resident, who generously donated a complete new set of flags for the new Aurora Hills Middle School building. This includes a new flag in every classroom, a 6' x 10' flag to be flown outside, and an enormous 10' x 15' flag on display in our gymnasium.

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