Flex Schedule

Rethinking Time

Time is a very important resource and while we cannot create more, the way we use it communicates our values. We have creatively reorganized time to support acceleration of learning for every student, increase access to exploratory classes, and ensure staff has the time to prepare the best learning experiences. Every student experiences rigorous instruction in the core disciplines as well as an entire day every week of exploratory classes.


In addition to 4 periods of core academic instruction, students also have two flex periods each day. These flex periods are dedicated to the acceleration of learning in core disciplines. Teachers meet students where they are and provide a variety of small group and individualized instruction to help every student demonstrate grade level and above proficiency.


A flexible and innovative approach to scheduling empowers all students to engage in five to seven exploratory classes. In these classes students explore several career paths and subjects. Students are exposed to relevant and real careers that they can further study as they enter into high school and beyond.


Our flexible classes afford staff the opportunity to participate in Mustang U. Mustang U is a full day of preparation focused on the student. Teachers engage in student data analysis, intervention and enrichment planning, professional development, and lesson design to ensure every student has the best learning experience possible.

Our schedule serves so many vital purposes. It allows for me to better my skills as a teacher and I'm better able to give students the best opportunity to learn on a daily basis. Students become excited about learning and coming to school because of the diversity of classes offered.

Ernest Jones III, 8th Grade Science