Teacher Excellence

Better Teachers Make Better Students

There is clear evidence that having highly effective teachers leads to increased achievement and success for students. The teaching staff at Aurora Hills brings joy to learning and uses the best research based practices in their classrooms everyday. Our teacher's stand out from the rest which empowers our students to shape a successful future.

  1. All teaching staff at Aurora Hills either have or are working towards a certificate on their license for supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse(CLD) students. The skills they have enable them to support every student in their development of the English language and all students benefit from this level of expertise.

  2. Over 80% of staff at Aurora Hills hold a credential above a bachelors degree. This may be a graduate degree or specialty endorsement. Staff also engage in weekly professional development designed to hone the skillsets, toolsets, and mindsets needed to be highly effective in the classroom. This time allows for all staff to have deep understandings of their content, sharpen instruction practices, and understand the developmental needs of your student.

  3. To become a member of the Mustang Family, potential staff go through a thorough applicant process, unlike other schools, that includes interviews, data analysis, teaching samples, and student interviews. This ensures the very best teachers are in front of the best kids every day!





Mrs. Lotspeich has really changed me by her telling me to never give up and that I can always do it. She believes everyone can do anything if they try.

Jayda, 7th grade

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