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Aurora Hills Middle School has a Multi-tiered System of Support process which includes prevention strategies to ensure that all students have the necessary support for achievement. This includes students performing below grade level expectations, and those whose programs should be accelerated. Students at any grade level who are not performing at expected levels, based on data, must be identified. Appropriate instruction must be provided to meet the student's needs. Students who are performing well below expected levels are monitored and receive more intensive interventions.

Grade-level Advisory Class

Every student will have a grade level advisory class that meets the social, emotional, and academic/career needs. All advisory classes will meet every day. Each morning will begin with advisory in which focused instruction will be given in areas that are relevant to ensure the success of all students at Aurora Hills Middle School.

English Language Proficiency

We offer an in-depth English Language Development ELD program for students who need support in learning English as a second language. We believe that ALL students should receive equitable and appropriate instructional support since these students reflect our community. Therefore, it is our responsibility to educate all students and respect their cultural legacies and linguistic skills. About 35% of Aurora Hills students are English Language Learners..

Exceptional Student Services

Aurora Public Schools special education staff and general education staff frequently collaborate to support student achievement. Combined resources and shared knowledge offers the best support for our students. This collaboration can include establishing strategies for behavior management in the classroom, supporting students' language as a foundation for literacy and concept development, providing instructional support in the classroom, etc.

The presence or interaction of a special education staff member with a student does not imply that the student is suspected to have a disability. If staff suspects that a student may have a learning disability, there is a very specific and legal process that the school team will follow to make that determination. That process would begin with the parent's permission for the school team to evaluate the student.

As a parent or guardian, if you have questions about the instructional support that your child receives at school, please contact your child's teacher.

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