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The pre-adolescent years are exciting years for young people as they prepare for high school and grow beyond the structure of the elementary school. It can also be a trying time for students and parents because of the many new and exciting changes in their lives. We're here to help students on that journey academically, developmentally, and emotionally. Our solid support structure of trusted adults and social framework that encourages students to learn not only from their teachers, but from each other contributes to our vibrant, positive, unstoppable community.



Don't let absences add up

Students enrolled in the Aurora Public Schools are required to attend classes, unless excused for good reason in accordance with the Colorado Compulsory Attendance Law.

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After school program

Activities that reinforce positive youth development strategies, foster youth engagement, and focus on inclusiveness and resiliency to promote a positive identity.

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An environment that is safe for all students

In order to enhance the learning environment, Aurora Hills has established a dress code.

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7th & 8th Grade Sports

Boys & girls basketball, track, and soccer. Girls volleyball and swimming. Boys wrestling.

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Aurora Hills has brought out the best in my son. He not only has great friends, he loves his teachers.

Parent with Coffee

Join Us Virtually for Parent Coffees

Tuesdays from 2:30pm - 3:30pm

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