Laena Emerson

Leana Saunders

6TH GRADE MATH: [email protected]

Why I love to teach

Teaching is what I knew I wanted to do by the time I started second grade. I was seven years old, and I had a wonderful teacher, who showed me how much fun learning could be if you found a way to be passionate about what you are learning. Since then, I have pursued no other career, and I still work hard to find ways to share my passion for learning with my students. In my years of teaching, my favorite experiences have been when I am able to connect with my students and find ways to get them excited about learning. Without a doubt, my absolute favorite part of teaching is building relationships with my students and helping them build the future they want.

Professional Background

Bachelor of Human Development, Metropolitan State College of Denver, 2006

Master of Education, Colorado State University - Global Campus, in progress

12 years of teaching experience

If I wasn't a teacher I would be...

If I was not a teacher, I would either be a surgeon or a stay-at-home mom, or maybe a Broadway actor.

Favorite pastimes

More than anything, I enjoy spending time with my family, doing just about anything. On my own, I enjoy singing and dancing, playing volleyball, hiking, watching movies, and reading. I also love to cook, and I get the most joy from having friends and family over for a big meal.