Diana Polaski

Diana Polaski

PE AND HEALTH: [email protected]

Why I love to teach

When deciding what I wanted to do as an adult, I have always wanted to be a Physical Education teacher. My elementary school PE teacher was a positive influence upon my love of physical education. I began my teaching at the age of 15, where I taught swimming lessons, from babies to seniors. This is where I truly fell in love with the art of teaching. One of the things I discovered about teaching at that young age, and still hold true today, is watching the success of students on a daily basis. It is so exciting to see the expressions on a student’s face when they first “get it”. Not only do they take pride in what they have learned, they often introduce their success with others so their peers too, can have success. Now that I have some years of experience in teaching, I have discovered how much of a positive impact I have had on my students lives. Having a student come back later and thank you for helping them is a blessed feeling which one cannot describe. It’s not a pride in what I have done to help, but a pride in their success. Through my years of teaching PE I have expanded that knowledge into Health Education. Just as it is important to take care of our physical health, it is also important to take care of our social, mental and emotional health. When people hear “you need to take care of your Health”, they often think only of the physical aspect of, “eat right and exercise”. It is exciting when students learn the many aspects of health and how to improve on them. It is my hope to prepare students with the necessary knowledge to maintain their fitness and health outlook into a healthy lifestyle. As they develop a healthy lifestyle and grow older, they can, in turn, teach their healthy lifestyle to their future generations.

Professional Background

BA Kinesiology - University of Northern Colorado

If I wasn't a teacher I would be...

I know I said I always wanted to be a teacher. However, my first year of college I thought about going into psychology. That only lasted about a semester.

Favorite pastimes

I have a Golden Retriever puppy (b. March 2020) who I love spending time with. In the winter, he likes to play in the snow and go sledding. In the summer, you can find us hiking or at the lake on the paddle board. Sometimes he has to get left behind so I can go play golf or tennis, or hop on my road bike for a couple hours.