Stephanie Duncan

Stephanie Duncan

 TEACHING PARTNER: [email protected]

Why I love to teach

As a child, I always loved going to school. I had wonderful, kind teachers that made learning fun and who set me up for success in college. This experience helped me develop a love for learning that I carry with me still. As an adult, I grow my mind through reading books, taking classes, and participating in new experiences. I am an educator because I want to help the next generation discover their love for learning, too.

Professional Background

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, The Ohio State University (2014) ; Master of Education, The Ohio State University (2015)

If I wasn't a teacher I would be...

I would never want to be anything else! Education is my passion, and I cannot imagine a more meaningful, rewarding career.

Favorite pastimes

Skiing, hiking, and game nights with my friends!