Christyn Thompson

Christyn Thompson

SOCIAL WORKER: [email protected]

Why I love social work

I really enjoy watching students learn and grow and make connections that will serve them both now and as they get older. I like learning different things about students and their lives. It feels good to help students deal with some of the things that they struggle with so that they feel seen and heard, and so that they can return to class more calm and better able to learn.

Professional Background

I earned my Masters in Social Work from Boston College. I have worked in many different settings, including: nursing homes, schools, outpatient clinics, and sports fields/courts.

If I wasn't a social worker, I would be...

If I weren't a social worker, I would be an author or an occupational therapist.

Favorite pastimes

I really enjoy being active in different ways: doing yoga, playing sports (volleyball, pickleball, tennis, softball, to name a few), spending time outside, especially around big trees, mountains, and water. I come from a big family, and I love being an auntie to 3 (almost 4!) nephews. I love to read and play games and be around friends who make me laugh.