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Aurora Hills is an authorized International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB/MYP) school. Our school-wide instructional philosophy is designed to provide all students with a challenging and enriching curriculum that:

  • Develops critical thinking skills through studies in eight subject areas
  • Exposes students to the connections and interrelatedness of the eight curriculum areas
  • Encourages the development of intercultural awareness, along with an understanding of our own and others' history and traditions
  • Emphasizes the development of both English and a second language (French or Spanish)

IB/MYP also incorporates five organizing themes known as the Areas of Interaction

Approaches to Learning

Provides students with the tools to enable them to take responsibility for their own learning. "How do I best learn?" "How do I know?" "How do I increase my understanding?"

Community and Service

Encourages responsible, caring participation in one's local setting and in the greater world. "How do we live in relation to each other?" "How can I contribute to the community?" "How can I help others?"

Health and Social Education

Concentrates on preparing students for physically, mentally and emotionally healthy life. "How do I think and act?" "How am I changing?" "How can I look after myself and others?"


Stresses understanding the importance of conservation and responsibility for caring for the environment. "Where do we live?" "What resources do we have or need?" "What are my responsibilities?"

Human Ingenuity

Emphasizes an appreciation for the creative and inventive genius of humans and encourages students to be creative; encourages students to consider the impact of our creation on society and the human mind.

Explore Our Grade-level Programs

Middle school is a critical time for students as they explore more advanced concepts like number sense and operations, geometry and spatial sense, data analysis, measurement, probability, and others.

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