6th Grade

The transition into more complex learning

Subject matter is more complex and students are exposed to new challenges and ideas including:

  • Literacy. Students learn literature and language arts through critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Students will read text and write using argumentative, informational, and narrative techniques.
  • Mathematics. 6th grade math is all about expanding your child's knowledge of the number system with the introduction of negative numbers. They will also have exposure to 1 step algebraic equations and understanding surface area and volume of geometric figures. This year is a stepping stone for your child to learn more abstract math concepts.
  • Science. Students will be engaging in Phenomena based project learning to discover the principles of science and engineering practices while experimenting to learn about Energy and Matter, and its effects on Climate and Weather Patterns and Earth's Changing Surface, including Natural Disasters.
  • Social studies. 6th grade Social Studies focuses on the History, Geography, Economics and Civic structures of the Western Hemisphere. We build our understanding through the analysis of primary and secondary sources.

6th Grade Teachers


6th Grade Social Studies:

Blue Haley

6th Grade Literacy:

[email protected]

Darin Arnold

6th Grade Social Studies: [email protected]


6th Grade Literacy: 

Lalita Coetsee

6th Grade Math:  [email protected]

Kelley McNally

Kelley McNally

6th Grade Science:  [email protected]


6th Grade Science:

 Pamela Williamson-Rybolt

6th Grade Literacy: [email protected]

Stefanie Pahler

6th Grade Literacy: 

[email protected]

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