8th Grade

The preparation for high school and beyond

Subject matter is more complex and students are exposed to new challenges and ideas including:

  • Literacy.8th-grade literacy is about learning to think and read critically and to write with a purpose. Students learn to write to explain, inform, analyze, and argue.
  • Mathematics. Students move into the heart of algebra with functions and linear equations while exploring the transformation of geometric shapes and the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Science. In 8th grade science students develop deep understanding of science content topics which include forces, waves, Earth/space, genetics, and evolution. Students construct explanations to science phenomena utilizing modeling, experimental design, and discourse.
  • Social Studies. Students in 8th grade Social Studies will explore United States colonization through the Civil War while fostering critical thinking and writing skills.

8th Grade Teachers


8th Grade Social Studies:

Amy Nieves

Amy Nieves

8th Grade Social Studies: [email protected]


8th Grade Literacy:

8th Grade Science

Madalyne Heiken

8th Grade Literacy: [email protected]

Matthew Dach

8th Grade Literacy: [email protected]