Our innovative approaches to the classroom experience make learning fun and bring out the best in students. Our teachers are the difference!

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As the only middle school to offer expanded exploratories, our students have more opportunity to discover their learning passions.

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With more than 30 languages represented at AHMS, our diverse, inclusive community makes all students and families welcome.

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The pre-adolescent years are exciting years for young people as they prepare for high school and grow beyond the structure of the elementary school. It can also be a trying time for students and parents because of the many new and exciting changes in their lives. We're here to help students on that journey academically, developmentally, and emotionally. Our solid support structure of trusted adults and social framework that encourages students to learn not only from their teachers, but from each other contributes to our vibrant, positive, unstoppable community.

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Aurora Hills is a Great School

"There are so many positive things happening at Aurora Hills Middle School. The building feels new and fresh and so does the attitude of the school Leadership. There is just a lot of positive energy. There are new ideas and approaches to building the school community. The kids are being offered many interesting options for classes. Things like STEM offerings, art classes and an AMAZING music program are available. There are afterschool activities available, Compass, sports, and homework help. The size of the student population is also a plus, it is a big school but not so big that kids get “lost” in the numbers. I can see how committed the teachers and staff are to the kids. It’s a place where you can tell that each child and each family matters. I’m glad that this is our neighborhood school."

Gena Butler, Parent of a 7th Grader

Learning at AHMS

At Aurora Hills, we use Kagan Structures, which are simple, yet powerful cooperative learning instructional strategies to increase engagement. When students are engaged, they pay attention, they're motivated, they learn more, and the learning sticks. The biggest difference between the Kagan approach and teaching using traditional methods is the ability to engage every student.

Traditional classroom teaching captures the minds and attention of some students, but not all. Good teachers engage more students. But even the best teachers who use traditional instruction don't require every student to participate. With traditional instruction, there is always a subset of students who fall through the cracks. We're all too familiar with the results: a widening gap between high achievers and low achievers. It is an arduous task to create high levels of student engagement for every single student daily, until you have these research based instructional strategies in your repertoire.

The more students interact with their peers and with the curriculum, the more they'll learn. Kagan Structures require every student to participate frequently and equally. Kagan Structures close the achievement gap by creating dramatic gains for struggling students. But the gains are not bought at the expense of high achievers; they too are engaged in a richer, more interactive learning environment. As brain-research is proving, meaningful engagement is just a better way to reach and teach all students.

The power of Kagan Structures is that they distill the best of educational theory and research into very specific, easy-to-use teaching strategies. Supported by a large body of scientific research, and proven effective in countless classrooms, schools, and districts, this revolutionary way to teach is transforming teaching and learning and we are proud to bring it to Aurora Hills.