Danielle Prizament

Danielle Prizament


Why I love my position

Being a Speech Language Pathologist has always been my dream. I love to find fun ways to help my students build their communication skills, not only to do better in school, but to help them form relationships with others, advocate for themselves and explore the world around them. I love to evaluate students and figure out the root cause of their struggles.

Professional Background

I received my associates degree from Queensborough Community College, my Bachelor's degree within Communication in Queens College and my Masters Degree within Speech Language Pathology at Adelphi University. I spent the first couple years of my career in New York City working with toddlers, school aged children, middle school and high school students.

If I wasn't a teacher I would be...

A travel agent or librarian.

Favorite pastimes

I’m a lifelong learner and enjoy reading all types of books. I also love watching movies, camping, hiking , traveling and drawing.