George Campos

George Campos


Why I love to teach

At first, it was about challenging myself, then it was about helping kids who needed the most help, and then to having a positive impact on kids, and now it's kinda all three. Being a Sped teacher has allowed me to challenge myself to be the best teacher I can so I can help our students who don't always get the help they need, and hopefully, by allowing my students to see my own shortcomings, they can realize and experience that we can make a difference in this world.

Professional Background

This is my 24th year in education, 2 years in CA, and 22 years here in CO as a Sped teacher, 8 years at the elementary level, and 16 years at the high school level, this is my first year at the middle school level I have also been involved in coaching at the high school level for over the past 16 years.

If I wasn't a teacher I would be...

If I wasn't teaching, I'd be performing on Broadway!

Favorite pastimes

watching the San Francisco 49ers in my Man Cave